Which is the Calmest Horse Breed for Beginners?

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Which is the Calmest Horse Breeds for Beginners?

If you are planning to buy a horse and somehow thinking about it as your hobby or passion, then your next tough job will be to pick the breed of horse that’s right for you.

Generally, there are wide varieties of breeds available in the world, and they all have some kind of characteristics, which make them unique. So, let’s figure out the horse breed, which most suitable for you if you are about to buy a horse for the first time.

First of all, you need to come up with a priority according to your needs. For example, you can prioritize the horse breed that has good physical proportion, temperament, or looks according to your choices.

Among the many horse breeds available around the world, there’s one breed that can rank highest on this list. And I’m talking about the Danish Warmblood breed. Danish Warmbloods are usually considered as the most suitable for beginners and considered as the calmest breeds around the world.

But beside this, you can consider the following horse breeds that have the best temperament if you are about to buy a horse:

  • Belgian
  • Dutch Warmblood
  • Holsteiner
  • Trakehner

The Morgan Horse

Think your first horse should be an easy keeper, calm on the trails, and won’t be spooked just as easily as some? Then you should consider the Morgan horse breed.

Morgan horses are described as intelligent and calm with amazing endurance. They are a naturally curious and docile breed. The breed is known to be instantly forgiving to all riders and untrained riders can enjoy riding Morgans as easily as the most experienced riders.

These horses make wonderful first-time horses. There are no reported health problems with the Morgan breed. These horses also make great work horses, suitable for hauling freight. You can even ride them in a race and they will perform well without getting nervous.

It’s no wonder why Morgan horses were used in the early 20th century for conducting scientific experiments.

The Quarter Horse

Quarter horses are the quintessential family horse. The breed is versatile and known for being easy to handle. They are bred for speed, so that means they are often a little headstrong and easily distracted. But with a good handler, they can really do anything.

Quarter horse are a great choice for beginners even though they aren’t the smallest breed due to their sturdy build. They also have their own unique horse sense and make fantastic ranch horses because they are good at carrying and gathering stock.

Types of Calmest Horse Breeds

Children typically are not ready to ride until they have attained a bit of physical and mental maturity and so tend to learn best on horses that are calm and forgiving. In this regard, a horse that is highly intelligent, responsive and willing is also adaptive to learning and perceiving a child, so that it can act accordingly.

Whatever horse you would like to ride there is no such thing as a horse that will not go out of its way to go above and beyond for their riders. They won’t always be active although some horses may be calmer in nature than others. Competitive and dressage horses can be both high strung and calm and so whichever type you choose your horse will automatically display both habits.

When you talk about the calmest horse breeds for beginners however you will be looking for a horse that is eager to learn, with a ton of lovable qualities and is exceptionally patient. This kind of horse will not be easily frightened by affection, loudness, or physical contact. They will most likely be very steady bodied and easy to ride.

The Appaloosa Horse

If you're looking for the calmest breed of horse that is ideal for beginners, you should give the Appaloosa horse a try. Appaloosas are relatively small horses with a consistent and comfortable temperament.

The Appaloosa, one of the few horse breeds that originates from the Americas, is a cross between the Nez Perce Horse and the Arabian Horse. Appaloosas have characteristic spots on their bodies (a white horse with color spots over the body) and may represent the four seasons, which is why some people refer to Appaloosas as the “New Year horse. At times, the spots are so dense that they look like a field of stars.

Taken as a whole, the Appaloosa horse is muscular, hardy, and an excellent animal for a novice rider, even better for young children. Because Appaloosas are intelligent animals, they're easy to train. They are also well known for being great children’s horses. Appaloosas are smaller horses as well, so they're easier to handle both at home and during training.

Another reason for recommending the Appaloosa as the best breed for the inexperienced or beginners is the fact that this horse is particularly calm and quiet, easy to handle horses that are not easily distracted, and highly adaptable as well.

Tennessee Walking Horse

Tennessee Walkers are known for their huge calm eyes, smooth gait and slower speed. These factors make them a perfect ride for beginners. The slower-speed Tennessee Walkers also make them a popular mount for trick riders.

These horses are also known for their intelligence and their ability to adapt easily to new situations and to learn tricks quickly. Since they are mostly found in remote grazing areas, Tennessee Walking Horses also provide an opportunity for riders to enjoy equestrian tourism in remote areas.

There is no "best horse breed" for beginners because each breed has a unique personality, characteristics and level of energy which can contribute to the level of comfort or discomfort experienced by the rider.

Why Do You Need to Consider Riding The Calmest Horse Breeds If You Are a Beginner?

Riding The Calmest Horse Breeds is an assurance you’re getting the best riding experience. You have to love it to ride, and first time riders are often especially nervous and can reap a lifetime of positive benefits from riding calm horses.

Typically, the most rode horse breeds are Thoroughbreds, Quarter Horses, Arabians and Standardbreds. If you are looking for a horse to buy or lease that is bred for riding and has been handled by a lot of different riders in a lot of different riding disciplines, then chances are good you can get a Thoroughbred for sale or lease.

Below are the four horse breeds that are calmest and best suited for a beginner.


Palomino is a horse breed that typically stays very calm in all kind of situations.

With high self-esteem and a quiet personality, this horse breed is great to have around. If you are an inexperienced rider or you’re looking for a horse to tame that is very calm, a Palomino could be the horse you need.

Many Palomino horses are the best rode horse breeds for children. This is why it’s the calmest horse breed for beginners.

Beginning to Ride

Learning to ride a horse is a challenging and exciting journey. Once you decide to learn to ride a horse, you must also decide what horse breed will be your best fit.

Riding a horse is a great way to get some exercise, and it’s one of the most fun things you can do outside. Though it may seem difficult, learning how to ride is actually really simple and can be a great experience for you and your growing family.