Where Can I Rent a Horse Trailer for Horses?

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Finding a Horse Trailer Rental

It’s easy to find a trailer rental company online. The first place most people go for solution is Google.

It’s easy to find a trailer rental company online. The first place most people go for solution is Google. Type in “leasing your horse trailer” in the search bar and you’ll have a list of 20 different companies right at your fingertips.

What’s even better is most of them will have a phone number right on the website so you can call and get more information right away.

Some of the trailer rental companies that are worth checking out are:

{1}. Easy Flow Leasing: “Stable Solutions” from Easy Flow Leasing was designed with you in mind and recognizes that the greatest of equines deserve the best of trailers. We can configure and customize to meet your needs.
{2}. EZ Trailer Rental: I like EZ Trailer Rental for their wide selection of quality trailers for rent in many locations. You can find trailer rental in many places throughout the country at EZ Trailer Rental.

What You Need to Know About Horse Trailer Rental

There are many people who have horses and need a horse trailer on a regular basis. This can be because they show their horse in competitions or go trail riding. These people need to rent horse trailers from people who are renting out their trailers. There are many trailer rental services that exist in every area and they will have trailers for horses.

If you have never rented a horse trailer before then you might have some questions about what to look for in a trailer. You are required to have good quality horse trailers that last long and one that you will use for a long time. The horse trailers must be nice and big in order for your horse to be comfortable and not feel crowded. You should be well informed of how to inspect the horse trailers and how it operates in order to get the best quality one.

When you are looking for horse trailer rental services, it is important that you know the essential tips for getting a good rental service. The first thing to consider is to choose a company that is well known in your area or a company with a good record. The company should stand behind their trailers and offer a good exchange plan. The rental company should have horse trailers that have been well maintained and will not cause your horse any harm. The horse trailers should also be safe for your horse and protect your horse from injury.

Rent Only What You Need

Renting a horse trailer can be a great idea if you prefer to avoid long-term commitment with trailer payments. It may also be more affordable way to haul your horse.

Before you start your search for horse trailers for rent, you need to make sure you know what size of trailer you need to haul your horse. You may be surprised to know that you need a larger horse trailer than you might think.

Many people choose to rent trailers which hold up to 10 horses just because it costs a little less. However, it isn’t the best option for everyone. This size horse trailer holds huge amount of horses because it is used for driving lessons for older horses.

It isn’t necessarily designed to transport living horses for a long time, it also needs to be parked on a ramp and is heavier than a horse trailer for two horses.

Where to Rent a Horse Trailer?

There are many areas where you can rent horse trailers. The first step is to check out your local area for horse trailers that are for rent.

You can start looking near your home. If possible, choose a place that is close to home or that you could easily get to. What if there isn’t a place that rents out trailers where you live? If you don’t have anywhere close to look it is time to expand your area to other areas that you could easily access. You can expand by going online and looking at classified ads, or if you live in a more rural area, look online for the surrounding counties in your region. You may find a place that has trailers for rent in the region you want to be.

Be sure to find out exactly what is included with the rental. How long can you rent the trailer? Do you have to have a driver license? What if you need someone to let you take it out of the lot?

No matter where you rent from, always be sure to be clear about what is included and what is not.

Transportation Services

Horses are majestic and beautiful animals that need to be handled with care, but the reality is, they have to be transported to get to their destination. Transporting your horse can be a stressful and daunting process, but there are companies out there who provide all the hauling and transporting services for you.

Draft rescue agencies and horse rescue organizations are a wonderful resource for horse owners in the market for equine transport services. The organizations themselves will often breed, show, and travel and will know the best way to get your horse to its destination safely. These are the types of organizations to call first, as they are more likely to cater to your specific needs.

Renting a Horse Trailer

If you’re considering to pick up a new hobby or increasing your riding experiences, renting an equine horse trailer is the easiest and most comfortable way to get there.

First of all, if you’re not familiar with equine care, you can rent a horse trailer for horses from places that offer equine horse trailers. This way you can get familiar with the kind of lifestyle and routine that you’ll have to get accustomed to.

Also, renting horse trailers can provide you with all the equipment you need to transport your horses. If you’re unfamiliar with trailers, you’ll find this service very helpful.

Lastly, you might not be in a rush to buy equine or horse trailers, but you might just rent one from time to time. On the other hand, you could be considering to buy a trailer to transport your horses, but you want to test it out first. Renting an equine horse trailer is the solution for this kind of situation.


Renting a horse trailer means that you will have to arrange for transportation for your horse, and no longer have to worry about it while you are away.

If you need to take your horse for a veterinarian visit, show, or on vacation, you will need a horse trailer to transport them.

While there are many horse trailer rental services out there, not all of them can accommodate your horse as they may not be equipped to handle the horse’s weight or size.

Some horse trailer rental services may require you to have an endorsement with a company of their choice, which often results in additional fees and can be inconvenient if you already have an endorsement with another company.

Here are some questions to ask yourself before you decide which horse trailer rental company to use.

What is the company's policy regarding handling stallions and geldings that need to be transported alone?

What happens if my horse becomes sick or injured?

How much notice do I have to give if I need to cancel?

Do you have enough equipment to handle my horse?

Will I receive timely service when I need it?

How are horses transported?

Horses are transported in crates with cross ties or stanchions, and shipping pads that allow them to lie down and comfortably board the trailer.

What Are The Best Horse Trailer Brands?

Trailers for horses come in many styles and sizes, but they all have the same basic design: a platform that connects to a two wheels. It is the brand name that dictates how high or low to the ground the trailer is, how it is put together, and what features it has.

All horse trailer manufacturers use square tubing to build their trailers, which is why the cost of trailers are so similar to one another. The other factors acting into the price are the optional additions and their intended use.

The best manufacturers of horse trailers are True Bond and Big Tex Trailers. Both companies have a great selection of size options as well as a giant array of colors and options to choose from. If I needed a trailer for my horse, I’d easily pick one of these two brand names.

What Is The Difference Between A Stock Trailer and A Horse Trailer?

A stock trailer is designed to haul livestock such as cows, pigs, and horses. It has a drop gate on one end, which allows livestock to be loaded and unloaded through the use of ramps or gang steps. The stock trailer’s weight capacity is usually twice that of a standard car.

A horse trailer designed is quite different from that of a stock trailer. A horse trailer is bigger, has more areas for horses to turn around, and has tie-downs to hold the horses in place.

Unlike a stock trailer, a horse trailer doesn’t have a drop-down gate, but you can still load and unload your horse with safety and ease by utilizing two trailer ramps.

A standard horse trailer typically has a weight capacity between 2,500 and 3,200 pounds.

What Is The Lightest Horse Trailer?

If you would like to know some of the lightweight trailers for short term moving for an hour or so you should consider one with the following:

  • Small wheels
  • Lighter material
  • Lighter fabric on the outside
  • Narrower
  • Less storage space

Although these trailers aren’t made for habitual longer traveling they can be useful when you want to take your horse in other places for some time.

Are Aluminum Horse Trailers Safe?

If you find yourself in need of a horse trailer, you will find that most of them used for horses are made from aluminum alloys.

Many horse owners are concerned that these aluminum trailers are dangerous and contribute to horse fatal accidents. However this is not true. Most aluminum trailers are built according to government regulations, which are strong enough to prevent structural failure.

In the United States, horse trailers are required to meet safety specifications. These specifications cover a variety of requirements to reduce chances of injury to horses. For example, trailer compartment temperature will be maintained between 45 and 90 degrees F (7 and 32 C) to avoid excess heat or cooling. Mechanical ventilation units should be used for air circulation. Double walls should be provided for compartment and ramp walls, and roof and walls should be well bonded and made from a strong metal alloy for added stability.

No matter what type of trailer you choose, it is important to for you to maintain the trailer and periodically check and test everything, including the trailer jack and tires.