What is a Warmblood Horse?

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Biological Meaning of Warmblood Horse

A "warmblood" is defined by the International Studbook for Warmblood Horses as a type of horse with a specific set of characteristics. It is different from a "cold blood." The warmblood's ancestors were selectively bred for performance, while cold blood horses were bred for a common work capacity. A warmblood tends to be larger and faster than a cold blood horse, and they may have more distinguishing physical features.

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Warmblood Horse Type

The warmbloods, are a versatile type of horse, that embodies a number of different horse breed characteristics. It is generally accepted that warmbloods are a cross between warm blooded Oriental horses and hardy, cold-blooded farm horses.

Warm bloods typically possess strong constitutions combined with a wide range of athletic abilities. Many warmbloods can perform athletic feats that are rare in other breeds.

Warmbloods are generally taller and heavier than their smaller counterparts, the Thoroughbreds and Quarter Horses, with larger bodies. They also lacking the refinement that you find in the Thoroughbreds, and instead, have a more powerful, rugged look about them, like the Quarter Horses.

Warmbloods are usually bred for a specific purpose. In contrast, Thoroughbreds are bred for speed and a specific gait and in some cases, for temperament. They are bred to be fit and fast and must be able to gallop for extended periods of time, a feat that also allows them to perform at a high level in show jumping and eventing.

Warmblood Horse breeds

Are crossbreeds between various warmblood type horses and various warmblood type breeds.

One of the distinguishing factors of the warmblood horse is its unique bloodline, while some other types of horses are bred for certain desired traits.

A general definition of a warmblood is a non-thoroughbred horse that is born and bred for sport. While warmbloods can be bred or trained for multiple sports, they are