Using a Grazing Muzzle, and Which Muzzle is Best

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If you have a normal horse, you will know that you can’t stop them eating. Horses have a tendency to over indulge on food, which puts them at risk of getting colic. Colic is a condition that can be fatal.

If your horse is a grazer, then your pasture could become overgrazed if your horse is left for too long. Grazing muzzles are a great way to help prevent your horse from overgrazing. They help to keep your horse in a certain area, while still being able to graze.

If you’re looking to get a grazing muzzle, then you have lots of different options. You can buy complete grazing muzzles or you can buy individual parts … and there’s even a way of converting certain brands of noseband to a grazing muzzle!

So, let’s find out the benefits of using a grazing muzzle, which ones we recommend, and how you can convert your mouthpiece.

GREENGUARD Grazing MuzzleBest OverallGREENGUARD Grazing Muzzle
Tough-1 Easy Breathe V Grazing MuzzleBudget PickTough-1 Easy Breathe V Grazing Muzzle
Shires Fleece Lined Grazing MuzzleUpgrade PickShires Fleece Lined Grazing Muzzle

1. GREENGUARD Grazing Muzzle

Our rating: 9 / 10

GREENGUARD Grazing Muzzle

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  • Easy to help a horse remove the unnecessary grass growing thru top line of paddock
  • Easy to take on and off
  • Horses get used to being in the pasture in a shorter period of time.


  • Horses get frustrated on their inability to graze.
  • When it is off horses get a different perspective on the grass… therefore, when put on they eat even faster.
  • Make sure to have a durable, high-quality grazing muzzle of solid and durable leather.


2. Shires Fleece Lined Grazing Muzzle

Our rating: 8 / 10

Shires Fleece Lined Grazing Muzzle

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  • Should fit all smaller breeds of goats with ease (6+ months)
  • Guaranteed against all manufacturing defects
  • Warm Fleece Lining to prevent chafing
  • Easy to put on and secure at the chin
  • Soft inside lining and sturdy clips


  • Does not come with any size adjustments
  • Not recommended for constant temperamental browsing
  • Only one color option available
  • Some buyers indicated issues with the fleece wearing out after a while.

What is a grazing muzzle and why does my goat need one?

A grazing muzzle may be a new concept to some goat owners, some of you may have never heard of a grazing muzzle before, but these handy items are a must-have if you have a small or young goat who is prone to browse and graze on things they shouldn’t (i.e. anything from the house plants to shrubs, trees, flowers, and grasses). These items are also handy if you have a house goat, one that stays indoors with the family.

A grazing muzzle is a basket that goes over your goats head and covers her mouth. The purpose of the muzzle is to prevent your goat from grazing on things they shouldn’t to prevent them from getting sick and becoming ill.

3. Tough-1 Easy Breathe V Grazing Muzzle

Our rating: 8 / 10

Tough-1 Easy Breathe V Grazing Muzzle

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  • Is on the affordable side
  • Easy to fit
  • Lightweight


  • It doesn’t fit all horses
  • Plastic not very durable

If you’re looking for a new grazing muzzle for your horse, the easy-breathe grazing muzzle is a great option. It’s lightweight, easy to fit, and won’t break the bank.

This grazing muzzle fits snuggly around your horse’s face and mouth and has some enrichment openings and also a breakaway latch that allows your horse to eat, drink and really enjoy their food.

It’s made out of Polypropylene and comes with a set of two opening sizes. One is for smaller horses, and the other for full size horses.

4. Weaver Leather 65-2346 Grazing Muzzle

Our rating: 6 / 10

Weaver Leather 65-2346 Grazing Muzzle

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  • Affordable option
  • Stylish leather material
  • Easy and quick to apply
  • Sizing is accurate
  • Fully adjustable

The best Grazing Muzzle is easy for you and your horse to put on and take off, and has necessary adjustments so it can fit both a mare and a gelding. The leather is durable and is long enough so your horse can easily drink.

The Weaver Leather Grazing Muzzle is an affordable option that’s sized to be accurate for the horse you intend to use it on. It’s a strong leather material that’s going to last for a long time and comes in stylish black color.

Weaver Leather Grazing Muzzle is easy to apply and is fully adjustable for the comfort of your horse. The design was originally created for a former head horse trainer at the Tokyo Race Course.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Should I use a grazing muzzle?

Some horses are slow and happy eaters while others are fast and wild eaters. Some also have issues with impaction (blockage) as a result of eating too fast and gulping down their food. If your horse is one of these, then yes, a grazing muzzle is a good idea.

There are 2 types of muzzles available:

The grazing muzzle: This only covers your horse’s mouth and has a strap that goes around the jaws and over the poll. It’s not particularly useful as your horse can still toss his head around and rip the muzzle off.

The grazing mob handle: This has a strap that goes over the head and under the chin. It clamps down on the poll to hold the head in place, which really prevents your horse from snatching, taking bits of grass and refusals.


Can horses still eat with grazing muzzle?

Grazing muzzles are used on horses and cattle to prevent them from eating “too much” of their daily ration. It’s not to be confused with a weaning muzzle which is used to prevent babies from eating at all.

The bottom of the muzzle is attached to the noseband of the horse’s head collar. The horse can still eat but only within the confines of the basket that the muzzle is provided in (usually 3 inches).

If the horse is also a biter or cribber, then a grazing muzzle may also be your answer.

A grazing muzzle will prevent a horse chewing on fences or overgrazing on certain pastures. Using a grazing muzzle is also a way to feed them if they are being treated for ulcers or colic.

How long do you leave a grazing muzzle on?

The grazing muzzle should be used during the few hours before feeding time, or while giving the horse hay or grass, because if the horse can’t move its lips properly it could swallow its tongue.

What is the best grazing muzzles for horses?

I think the Oxbow Essentials dee ring grazing muzzle is the best available. It fits horses with a large nose better, and covers more of the face (for one, the corners of the lips are covered). I’D also give a nod to the Best Friend grazing muzzle for a slightly cheaper option.

I think that the only drawback to the OXBOW is the ring that fits around the nose, which could become uncomfortable after a while of wear. So far, I haven’t found any evidence on whether or not the OXBOW or other grazing muzzles can cause or aggravate any long term health issues.


Whether it’s an aggressive dog or one with a medical condition like a muzzletural phobia, sometimes a good muzzle is needed. Fortunately, we’re here to help you find the best one. You can use this guide to help find the right one and help you select which one is right for you.

Our Recommendation

GREENGUARD Grazing MuzzleBest OverallGREENGUARD Grazing Muzzle
Tough-1 Easy Breathe V Grazing MuzzleBudget PickTough-1 Easy Breathe V Grazing Muzzle
Shires Fleece Lined Grazing MuzzleUpgrade PickShires Fleece Lined Grazing Muzzle