Understanding a Degloved Horse Hoof (Without Cap)

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Degloved Horse Hoof, Parts of a Hoof

Degloving is the removal of the entire outer part of the horse’s hoof wall along with the hoof capsule.

Degloving is a serious condition that is most commonly seen as a result of a blowout, crushing (bone in the hoof), or in severe cases, affected by an infectious process. It can result in lameness and significant in-toeing or out-toeing.

This is urgent and needs immediate attention from your vet.

What Can Cause a Degloved Hoof

When a horse is standing on hard terrain, a hoof may become agitated or injured by something sharp, hard, sharp, or overly sharp. However, a degloved hoof is the most severe injury possible to the hoof. One of the main causes is laminitis, but malnutrition or accidents are possible too. This is a pretty rare, but also pretty extreme injury. You need a good stomach to deal with the sight and the blood, but your horse truly needs you should it ever happen.

The hoof wall can begin to separate from the sensitive structures of the hoof. This causes a horrible sensation that is a painful injury. This is the same as why you don't like to walk on glass with bare feet. This sensation is infinitely worse for a horse and it will do anything it can to keep its hooves on the ground.

You can see when this happens because the hoof wall will come away from the structure of the hoof. When this happens, a flapping piece of tissue will move up and down as the hoof moves.


Horse hoof care requires you to know the different severities of laminitis. In order to do this, you need to understand what sort of hoof deformity is present and classify it as well.

What you are looking for on a dry hoof is the hoof wall (HW) line. This line is the junction of the hoof wall and the sole. You’ll be able to see where the hoof wall bleeds to the hoof wall line; this is known as the sole line. Any changes in the hoof wall line is usually indicated by white lines on the hoof wall and is also call