Trailers Security- Best Ways to Lock a Trailer

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Trailer Hitch Lock Systems

There are trailer locks available for both the ball of the hitch and/or the receiver. These keyed locks can provide added security to your trailer. The keyed lock provides the most protection to your trailer but it can be the most expensive. The standard hitch pin lock might cost you less with the main draw back being that it doesn’t provide as much security as a keyed lock.

Other Lock Systems

If you are using a different lock system, you will need a lock to fit that design. Depending on what kind of lock you need, it could be one you'll buy at a local store or you may need to use a custom lock and key made especially for your trailer security needs.

It is recommended you get a lock that is made to fit the exact design of your trailer if you’re not sure. A professional lock should have less room for tampering and breaking into than a standard lock.

Here is a list of basic lock systems along with their information and product links with more details on each of the lock systems.

Trailer Tongue Locks

Chains and locks are best for securing both the trailer hitch and the entire trailer to a fixed object. Before you start wrapping the chain around a trailer, make sure of the following safety steps.

Check for any type of damage to the trailer or the trailer hitch. If you see any damage, it is best to fix it before you continue with securing the trailer.

Put on safety glasses before you start working with the chain.

Put on heavy duty gloves to protect your hands from the chain.

To lock a trailer with chains, you will need the following:

  • A trailer with a trailer hitch and a trailer tongue
  • A thick metal chain with eyelets
  • A heavy duty padlock

Place the chain through the trailer hitch and the trailer tongue.

Then put on the padlock and lock it.

Wheel Locks for Trailers

If you are looking for the quickest and best way to deter theft from your trailer, wheel locks are an easy choice. When shopping for a wheel lock, consider the strengt