Good Vs. Bad Horse Conformation

Being able to identify a good or bad conformation can help you spot a potential problem earlier. There are a couple of important things to consider and the article will teach you how to identify both-good and bad conformation of a horse.

Foals Nursing and What They Eat

A newborn foal’s first food is his mother’s colostrum (or milk). How does the process work and what does a foal eat after it is nursed?

Famous Derby Horse Names and Meanings

Looking for a great name for your new horse? Maybe you are a time-honored enthusiast of the “Sport Of Kings” and need a little help remembering the names of the famous racehorses.

English vs Western Riding

Whether you are new to breaking horses or a seasoned equestrian, you’d likely benefit from some insights on the differences between western vs english riding. Check out our article to figure out which is best for you!

Causes of Lameness in Horses Front Legs

The causes of lameness in a horse’s front legs include hoof and leg injuries, tendon injuries, muscle injuries, and infectious diseases. Gastric ulcers of the front legs are very common in horses.

Can Humans Get Horse Lice?

Yes, humans can get horse lice. Whether you’re in the barn or the stable, it’s a good idea to get to know your lice and take preventative measures.

Bute For Horses, Its Uses, and Its Side Effects

Have you ever wondered why some horses wear blankets in the freezing cold? Follow along our article to learn more about the uses and side effects of bute for horses and blanket management in caring for your horse.