Why Do Horses Snort?

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Why Do Horses Crib?

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How Old Is Too Old To Ride A Horse?

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When Do Horses Stop Growing?

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What to Wear for a First-Time Horseback Riding

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What is Ringbone in Horses? Signs and Symptoms

Most horses are kept inside a stall from a very young age. For the most part, this is a good thing as it protects the horse from bumping into other horses and getting injured, and enables us to make sure that they get fed and have all they need. However, this can also cause the horse to grow up with less developed muscles and skeletal structures which can gradually weaken the horses bones. Development of a debilitating condition called Ringbone in horses is one such example. Following is a discussion on this condition.

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What Does The Horse Noises Names Mean?

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Uses of Horses Throughout History

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