Fun Groundwork Exercises for Horses

The post on groundwork exercises for horses by Farmgirl Tialee is a nice example of how you can add a bit of interactivity through the use of an online agility course.

Founder in Horses. Symptoms and Causes

Horses constitute one of the oldest domesticated animals that humans have known. A domesticated animal means that it has been acquainted with people and used for purposes such as entertainment, transport, warfare, and also for food.

Everything About Sweet Feed For Horses

Sweet feed for horses refers to a concentrated mixture of molasses and grains, usually oats and barley. A good quality sweet feed for horses can increase the performance, health, and efficiency of the animal.

DIY Horse Run-In Shelters

Of course, you’re willing to create your own take on the horse barn. One that looks great and is practical, too. These three DIY shelters will get you there.

Can You Ride a Clydesdale?

Clydesdale mounts are available now for purchase on Elder Scrolls Online. Check out our blog post and find out if you can ride these monstrous, powerful, and majestic beasts.

Belgian Draft Horse vs Clydesdale. What is the Difference?

Belgian draft horse and Clydesdale are easily mixed up, but the former is a different breed. The pair is often confused with each other, so it’s important for pet owners to take note of the distinctive characteristics of each. Let’s take a look.

Why Do Horses Wear Masks?

Breathing masks for horses are an equipment utilized for working with horses. This may seem weird but continue reading to unveil humor behind this practice.