Portable Horse Corrals for Camping

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Portable Horse Corrals, Picket Lines

And other Portable Paddocks!

If you are planning to take your horse camping with you and camp with other horses in the same pasture, you will need to find a way to keep your horses on one side of the fence, without using a regular section of fence. Portable horse fencing is one of the few options you have to do this, and it needs to be able to be moved, setup, and taken down quickly. Portable horse fences, or portable horse corrals, are created from lightweight materials, such as nylon rope, wire, plastic pipe, plastic cable, wire cable, chain link fencing, and lightweight metal pipe.

Tough-1 Picket Line Kit (2 horse or 4 horse)

Product Description: The Tough-1 Picket Line Kit (2 horse or 4 horse) is a set of field tested portable horse lines designed to save time and effort. Lightweight and rugged, this kit is indispensable when setting up campsites, large trail rides or additional support at rodeos. The interlocking rings and 2 inch cotton rope are perfectly sized for securing and towing a trailer, for camping, or to hold the horse while you make repairs to the trailer.

Tough-1 Picket Line kit is very portable, and comes in a very compact and convenient carrying case. The case can be conveniently packed along with the other camping or rodeo gear without taking a lot of space and it ensures that all the components are kept together and well protected.

The kit includes tough-1 Picket Line Rails, tough-1 Picket Lines, and a rope. The rail and line kit includes 8 rails and 12 ropes – enough to set up for a trailer or a few horses.

The individual rails are made up of tough-1 pressure treated southern yellow pine and are 4 feet long. This allows you to quickly assemble or disassemble the kit. The rail is 8 inches in diameter, which is thick enough to keep heavy horses from walking through and yet lightweight enough to be easy to carry and set up.

EZ Picket Line

One of the most convenient items for a horse owner, who loves to go camping, is the EZ Picket Line. It is an easy to use portable horse corral that is easy for anyone to put up, and take down in minutes and packs up small to be stored in the back of your truck out of sight.

It collapses neatly out of the way for you to enjoy camping or other activities while taking advantage of the EZ Picket Line. Then, put it up, and turn your truck bed into your horse corral. In just a few minutes, you can see how easy picket line horse corrals really are.

One of the best features of this design is that there are no poles to handle, or stakes to push into the ground. The stable side of the horse corral attaches to the tailgate of your truck, and the gate attaches to the back of your truck.

Horse owners will love the fact that the EZ Picket Line Horse Corral is made of heavy duty 210 denier polyester material with a 600D polyester underside. This also makes it easy to hose off when necessary. There are no metal parts, so there’s nothing that will rust or affect the finish on your truck.

The materials used in the EZ Picket Line are designed to be durable, and easily washable, so they are perfect for the outdoor enthusiast.

Cashman’s Picket Line Kit

The Picket Line Plus Kit by Cashman offers a simple design that is easy to setup and to take down.

It is made up of two 5-foot by 8-foot panels that can be placed facing each other or facing opposite directions. These panels create a space towards the front and a "U" shaped space behind. This design allows your horse to easily walk into the corral.

Two side poles, which are 6 ft in length, are included in the kit. These side poles are used for creating an opening to allow horses to exit the back of the corral. The poles can be attached to the panels using the top hooks or they can be connected using the clips on each panel. The top hooks can also be used if you wish to attach the panels using a pipe clamped on top.

The top of the panels have five holes and corresponding crossbars that are designed to hold the top of your panels together, using rebar stakes or rebar that is pounded into the ground or the ground cover.

The kit comes with two carrying bags. If you want to use these bags, you can take the fence panels to the location where you want your corral to go and then use these bags to transport the panels and poles from the vehicle to your destination.

Portable Fencing, Portable Horse Corrals

And Portable Horse Pens.

Here's the deal: camping is great fun, until it's time to set up your tent, and then it's just work. But, with the right equipment and mindset, it doesn't have to be.

If you plan to bring your horse along with you on your camping adventures, there are collapsible collapsible horse corrals, portable horse pens, and portable fencing can quickly and easily set up temporary sleeping quarters for your animal. Depending on the type of portable horse enclosure you choose, you should be able to finish a single evening camp set up in an hour or less.

The walls of the portable horse enclosure quickly fold and snap into place, while the bottom and doors are secured with pairs of tie loops for hassle free set up and take down. Although it takes a little practice (and usually more than one pass) the goal is to quickly set up an area that is safe and secure for your horse, and remove the portable horse enclosure from the area as soon as the horse is settled inside.

Portable Horse Corrals, Semi-Permanent Horse Quikfence

On our recent camping trip, we decided to purchase a Portable Horse Corral, made by Equinox Equestrian Products.

It is a sturdy corral measuring 8 ft. long and 3.5 ft. wide with a 6ft. tall high fence on one side. The occupants seemed to really enjoy it but it does take a bit of setting up and getting it all situated to feel at home.

It is made out of tarp and wood, and is like having a little section of your house, but fit into a tin set up.

I was a little frustrated that the assembly instructions were difficult to read and that they didn’t put it together, but it did get put together and soundly. It was a quick project, and at least an hour of work, maybe a little more.

We had it up quite quickly with some help.

We let the horses out and fed them and they really enjoyed it. It was like they were in a safe little spot. It looked very cute.

One of the many reasons so many people love horses are because of their versatility. Horses can be enjoyed across a number of activities including riding, showing, trail riding, driving and more. With that said, it’s really important to find options and equipment that are versatile and can be used in multiple situations.

Equestrian camping is definitely one of the great activities to include in your riding pleasure. However, there are a variety of restrictions and rules that need to be followed when camping with horses. If you would like to camp with your horse or horses, you need to consider the different restrictions that are generally applied to horse camping due to safety and public perception.

Most parks, reserves, or state lands do not allow camping per se. This is because they generally are not able to provide the appropriate facilities to handle the number of horses that would be associated with horse camping. It’s possible to get special permits for horse camping, but without them, your options are limited.

The limitations on length of stay, size of the camping area, density of horses, and number of humans are also generally lower than the regular camping requirements. Horse camping usually also incurs additional charges. For example, different parks will have a horse camping fee that is higher than the regular camping fee.

SmartPak 12’x12’ Travel Stall

Compared to the traditional heavy wooden, 12’x12’ travel stall, this portable horse corral lives up to the name of being ‘smart.’

By eliminating the fuss of assembly (it’s ready to use right out of the box) and a lightweight shipping weight of less than one pound, this horse corral can be easily stored.

Additionally, the lightweight design makes it easy to carry 2 to 3 stall-sized corral pieces to a location where a stall is necessary while camping, riding trails, horse shows, and riding events.

Within the box, you will find eight 11’tubes and four 12’tubes which can be easily joined, by connecting the two included, 16’long, threaded connectors.

The tightly fitting pieces together forms an octagonal shape, which is more suitable and safer for horses. Unlike traditional horse corrals assembled with wood planks, this corral is more sturdy, durable and free from dangerous faults such as splinters.

Putting it together couldn’t be any easier, as the large hand-grip, on the inside of the connectors, make it easy to slide the 16’connector into the tubes.

Carri-Lite Portable Corral

If you need a portable horse corral, the Carri-Lite Portable Corral is the best one on the market. Here are a few reasons why this is a great product.

It has a movable gate and latch system that’s put together on the inside with a strong, easy-to-move latch on the outside to keep the gate shut. It starts and stops with ease independently of the latch. This ensures that it stays in place when opened and can be moved without force. Not only that, but it's also a successful barrier, even for determined horses who have been known to smash down other, non-moving, movable-gate portable horse corrals.

It can be configured quickly into whatever shape you need and can be moved easily and held up over 200 pounds of weight, even though it only weighs a few pounds.

Prices for Carri-Lite are a little higher than other portable horse corrals you can find on the market, but most horse owners that have purchased this portable horse corral have found it to be worth the money because it's safer and easier to use.


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