Source of Horse

How Long Do Horses Live?

How long a horse can live depends on the health, age, activity level, genetics and other factors of the individual horse.

How Fast Do Horses Walk?

Does your horse trot, canter, or gallop? Use our handy guide to determine how fast your horse is walking when it does so.

Hot-Blooded Horse Breeds

The first thing you need to know about an Irish hunter is that temperament is key. An Irish hunter must have a good temperament. It is the single most important and essential feature of a potential hunter.

Horse Sounds and Meanings

Do you know the meaning of each of the horse sounds and equine body language? Learn how to interpret with these equine sounds.

Feeding Hay Cubes vs. Hay Flakes

Hay – you will never go wrong providing it for your rabbit. These are the best tips how to choose hay cubes before settling on one.