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How Much Does a Racehorse Weigh?

How much does a racehorse weigh? The answer to this question seems very simple: a lot! However, if you think about it too much, you might lose any desire you had for an active lifestyle. But don’t worry – we’ll help you out and tell you just how much a horse weighs. You’ll also learn whether racehorses are fat or muscular!

How Much Does a Quarter Horse Weigh?

The “horse” in quarter horse refers to “a quarter of a horse”. See the pounds and height of this horse, along with the weight of other popular breeds of horses.

What is DSLD in Horses?

Your first reaction when you see this D in front of SLD may be something along the lines of ‘there must be a typo here’. Find out what the D stands for and what this condition is all about.

Top 7 Tallest Horse Breeds. All You Need to Know About Them

Long-legged horses are not only elegant and graceful but also play an important role in the equestrian industry as they are best suited to carriage driving. Whether you are looking to put your child on a horse, or you want to start a career in carriage driving, the best thing you can do is to choose a long-legged breed.

Signs of Colic in a Horse. Awesome Home Remedies

Colic is often referred to colic stomach or gastric colic. Causes include excessive gas, hyper it-easily in digestive system than horses, grain overload. Learn how to identify and treat symptoms.