How Much Does A Friesian Horse Cost? Friesian Horse Price Guide

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General Information on Friesian Horses

A Friesian horse is a breed of hard, large horses. They are noted for their large size, often slate-colored coats, and very high stepping gait.

They have a height of between 16 and 18 hands high, and may have both solid and pied color-patterns, which include chestnuts, bays, and sorrels.

The Friesian is an elegant and fast type of horse, which is very similar to the North-European warmblood, but they have much more refinement. The Friesian is a very good athlete and has great jumping ability. They perform very well in dressage as well as show jumping.

Due to their elegant agility and attractive look, the Friesian has gone on to be a great choice for breeding for show and sport. Their popularity has spread far to the US and UK where they have become fan favorites.

What is the Friesian Horse Price and Ongoing Costs

Friesian horses are oft considered the most beautiful of all horses due to their majestic golden mane and long black feather. They are also one of the largest horse breeds. It was originally bred for farm labor, and later war and traction purposes. The horses have tremendous endurance, and are renowned as very intelligent.

These beautiful and strong horses usually don’t cost very much to purchase. Because they are so attractive (to both humans and other horses), they often are in demand. As a result, hundreds thousands of Friesian horse foals are born each year. In fact, in the US, a Friesian horse farm can be found in almost every state. Their popularity and relatively low value allows you to see them in competitions, at shows, events, and even on public roads.

Friesian horses can live 20-plus years. As you can imagine, 20-plus years of feed, veterinary and farrier care, and housing costs, can be significant. But because they are so large, they are easy to find a buyer for, should you ever decide to sell your Friesian horse. A horse broker will make the sale easy – and will often buy your horse sight unseen.

Factors Affecting Friesian Horse Cost

The basic Friesian horse price is determined by the quality of the bloodlines, lineage, and conformation of the horse.

The age, color, and gender of the horse will also play a role. Performance costs are a large factor in the selling price too.

Although you will pay a higher price for a well-bred Friesian horse, the price is also dependent on the breeder, the quality of the horse, and actual demand for that particular horse and its particular traits.

Friesian horses have gone through many name changes throughout history. Before the 14th century, the "Dutch horse" was known mostly as the Friesian horse. That's why many people currently misspell Friesian horse correctly.

By the 14th century, Friesian horses were categorized by the hair color and texture of their coat. This helped people determine the original purpose of the horse. The different coat types were:

Chestnut horses: usually drove carriages or pulled sleds.

Pied horses: usually used for war.

Bay horses: usually for agriculture, plowing and haulage.

Piebald horses: usually used for agriculture and light work.

Maiden horses: usually used for riding.

White horses: usually used for basic agriculture.


So, now that you know more about the Friesian Horse, are these beautiful animals on your shopping list or do you already have a Friesian for sale in your stable? If you do, I’m sure that I can relate to you that caring for a Friesian horse can be challenging as they are not, shall we say, low maintenance types, and require a lot of attention and space. But I think we can all attest to the fact that the reward of owning and raising a Friesian horse is not weighed in dollars and cents, but in the feeling of pride, knowing that you walked with one of these giant horses!

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