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Tractor Supply Company

44-LB Round Bale Feeder with Mount.

This round bale feeder is made from UV-protected polyethylene, and it has no sharp areas or joints that can be dangerous for animals. The dimensions of this product are (16 x 18 x 17 inches) and it weight about 55 pounds.

This round bale feeder for horses is adjustable, lightweight, and easy to assembly with no tools required. In addition, this product is easy to move around and simple to refill.

Besides, the edges of this bale feeder’s lid are turned up to ensure that no animals get caught in them. As for the steel chute, it is 4 inches in diameter and has a large opening in order to make a smooth feeding process.

This product has a handle made of sturdy plastic with a handle cover to protect animals from any possible head injury. Furthermore, to make the feeding process of horses more smooth, this product has an inside liner of plastic that prevents the hay or feed from getting stuck at the bottom of the chute.


This round bale feeder is made of durable materials, which make it a safe product for animals to use.

This round bale feeder is durable and it will last a long time.

In-Person Sale Advantage

The number one reason to shop in person is the ability to feed a horse as you purchase. You don’t know what you are getting until you see it, pickup and feel it. Round bales are heavy, especially in the summer time when they are dry. It’s not always easy to get a good feel for a round bale on the internet so having the opportunity to see, touch and feel a round bale before committing to purchase is worth it.

In person sales also allow you to see the bales and stacks that surround it and get a complete picture of belonging. Are the empty stacks lying on a concrete floor? Did they use the round bales as a base for a cement slab? Can you see them shipping the bales in the back of a pick-up truck? Again, these are some things that are really hard to get a feel for online.

The price? You can find round bales cheaper online, even with shipping and handling. However, for the quiet, out-of-the-way farm, is going to cost more in gas to get there so you may end up paying the same in the end. Then again, you may not have anywhere to store a massive round bale or the time to sit around and wait on delivery.

CountyLine Equine Pro

This round bale horse feeder is available at a attractive price and comes with a few excellent features that make it ideal for homeowners and especially horse owners.

It holds up to 6 round bales (30 cubic feet) of hay and even vegetables.

It is strong and durable, made of very thick galvanized steel.

It has a drain which allows water to flow below the bale feeder for easy cleanup. The opening of the drain can also be used to hide a hose (which can be used for watering the horses).

The feeder is made in the United States and also has a powder coated galvanized finish that protects it from rusting thoroughly.

The great design of the feeder allows it to be used in paddocks or backyards as it can be easily moved from one area to the other quite easily.

The feeder is also very easy to assemble.

Savings : We found that the feeder has quite a positive reputation in online communities and horse forums. It has a rating of 4.5 out of five stars on Amazon which is very high. In the reviews, most users were able to agree that this is a great and quite durable round bale feeder.

Century Livestock Horse Feeder, CHF

The Century CHF-4B Livestock Round Bale Feeder is the solution to your round bale feeding problems. Whether your round bales are heavy, wet, or if you have several bales to feed at once, this feeder is designed to handle it with ease.

I currently use two of these feeders in my barn to feed fourteen round bales every day. They work great for us and they hold up to everyday use. I know they'll last for years to come and I can't recommend them enough!

Key Feature:

It can handle 400 lbs.

It can handle 400 lbs. Center fill holes allows hay or grain to be poured from the center of the horse feeder.

Center fill holes allows hay or grain to be poured from the center of the horse feeder. 49" x 49" x 49"

49" x 49" x 49" Holds 180-220 lbs. of round bales

Holds 180-220 lbs. of round bales Easy assembly, 2 person job

Easy assembly, 2 person job 5 year warranty.


The Cashman round bale feeder is designed to save your time and make horse feeding easy. It is loaded from the top to make the feed accessible for your horse, and it’s designed to prevent waste so you won’t have to clean up unwanted feed. It is for round bales and square bales, and it comes with a dump door to empty out the horse feed when necessary.

If you are looking for a round bale feeder that is weather-resistant, then you are looking for the Cashmans round bale feeder. The tough galvanized steel mesh will protect the feed while the trough liner prevents spills, making for an easy transfer of the bale into the feeder.

Furthermore, the Cashman round bale feeder has a rust-resistant, stainless steel latch and hinges. It has a large base to prevent tipping, and it’s easy to take the top off and clean.

The Cashman round bale feeder is a great choice if you want a durable feeder that your horses will use all year long. It not only protects the feed from getting stale, but it also makes it easy for horses to have access to the feed.

The Cashman round bale feeder comes in a variety of sizes and colors, and it is relatively affordable for what you get.

Heavy Duty Round Bale Pasture Feeder

This double latch, heavy duty Round Bale Feeder from Horse Advantage is great for horses with nesting behavior who like to push, pack and rest on their rations. The extra wide plastic feeder comes with a removable center divider to promote even feeding and is made from molded durable plastic. The rubber feet and poly rope handle stop the feeder from moving around while in use.

The large capacity of the feeder will allow you to feed for days. It measures 31 x 12 x 12 inches and can hold 250 lbs of alfalfa or other feeds.

Molded, durable plastic construction.

Cashmans Feeder Panels

The horse Panels are a light weight, portable feeder that won't rust or rot. The panels come four in a pack, each with a diameter of 30", 30 pounds, plus hinges. The panels are big enough to feed 4 to 6 horses, and light enough to be moved from one feeding area to another. The panels are set up and ready to use in a minute. The pannel can hold a lot of feed, so don't be afraid to fill it up with hay if your horses like to eat more than one day's worth at a time. They can keep refreshing the hay to make it last.

No poles to assemble, no digging, and can be used in the pasture or stored easily on a shelf in a garage. It has a ground slot and a center hole for adding water if needed. As an added bonus the panels can be used for hayrides with the addition of rope.

Keeping air moving around the piles of hay is important to help prevent spoilage. If it's really rainy out, the panels will also keep the hay from getting damp, or if your field is really cold the hay won't be freezing. Some people have gotten the panels into an upright position and spray painted them to match their stall colors (white on the inside, whatever other color on the outside). I liked the natural look and didn't bother to paint mine.

Cashmans All-Weather Hay Feeder and Hay Hut Round Bale Feeder


  • Seals tightly – prevents both pests and weather-related issues.

+ Feeder Keeps Our Horse Well Fed and Negates the Need to Continually Feed Hay out of a Traditional Hay Bag

  • Our horse is the type that tries to steal hay from her neighbor, this feeder lets them all compete for their own.


Somewhat expensive (but, it could be looked at as a way to build their muscle by tossing the ball around)

Cashmans Cattle Round Bale Feeders

The Cashman’s Cattle Round Bale Feeders are an excellent and inexpensive feed storage alternative. They come in two different heights and two different sizes. The feeders are built well and are waterproof to protect the feed inside.

The smaller sized Cashmans round bale feeder is available in two versions. One version is for storing food and the other is specifically for grain. The bigger round bale feeder is for storing both food and grain.

There are places built into the feeders for drainage located on the sides so that they will not flood when it rains. Another awesome feature is these bale feeders are designed specifically to allow you access to the feed inside the feeder without opening the top.

If you chose to store food inside the feeder, you have to use a special type of product called sunflower, tallow, or linseed cakes. These cakes are a fortified dry supplement that you can feed your animals in an effort to cut down on the feed they consume. The most common quantities needed to fill the smaller size bale feeder are 7-8 cakes while it takes 12-13 cakes to fill up the bigger bale feeder. I learned that adding a bottom to the feed allows the cakes to create more of a barrier so that the feed inside is less likely to get wet or damp.

Cashmans Horse Round Bale Feeders

Horse round bale feeders may seem a strange place to start when dealing with rabbit habitat because horse feeders are made for horses not rabbits. However, horse round bale feeders can be used for other creatures and are often considered the best feeders for rabbits.

This is particularly the case for fall foraging and winter feeding. If you live in an area where the ground freezes solid in winter, then you can't make a traditional food plot. You do not want to let the rabbits out in the cold and you also need to protect them from predators. This is when you start to think about using a horse round bale feeder.

In the fall, you can utilize the solar power of the round feeder to remove the extra feed from the feeder, do it quickly, store it in a barn or shed, and feed the bale feeder to the rabbits as a supplement during the fall and winter.

This feeder is often accepted in winter, and winter temperatures are a good time to use them. It is easy to make one of these feeders accessible. You can put snow fences around the bale feeder and set a small rabbit cage on the fence so the rabbits can go up on the feeder and eat.


The best way to reduce costs and to make sure that your horse gets its daily calories is by feeding it hay. While this is undeniably a cheaper option, some of us don’t have the space to store a lot of hay.

Even on those hot summer days, my 2 horses eat a lot of hay; which means I also need more space to store it all. If I didn't have a round bale feeder, it would be impossible for me to store hay all year long.

Luckily, my two options are either purchasing hay bales in bulk or purchasing a round hay bale feeder. A round bale feeder come in a wide variety of sizes including some as large as 60,000 lbs. My 2 horses are only a few thousand pounds each so those large feeders are far too large for my needs but a more average size should work perfectly for your horse.

A round bale feeder is an absolute necessity for anyone who is feeding hay. Especially in these times where hay prices are quickly rising and many rural areas are experiencing drought, a round bale feeder can save you tons of feed.

If you are looking for a great round bale feeder, then please check out our reviews for a few great models that could really come in handy when feeding your horse.