Best Slow Feeders for Horses

Jessica McDaniel
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If your horse likes to gulp his food down like there’s a valuable prize on the bottom of his bowl, it’s time to switch to slow feeders. Slow feeders keep horses occupied. They stop eating so quickly and spend more time chewing. That’s important for maintaining healthy teeth and digestion.

Sure, your horse is a champion of the pasture and such a meal-guru that he can simply eat 10 lbs of hay in a minute. However, few people would enjoy consuming that much food in that short amount of time. Imagine inhaling a 6-pound Burrito in just 60 seconds (without any of the consequences that would come with doing so). That’s how your horse feels sometimes!

However, the good news is that these slow feeders are not hard to keep up with. As long as you are educating yourself and finding slow feeders that will fit your horse, you should be good to go.

If you already have a smart horse that won’t need slow feeders, then that’s awesome! We have some other great articles on the site that you may be interested in as well.

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