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Are you a horse lover looking for a way to show your passion for horses while on the go? Have you heard good things about horseback riding but never considered it? If you are looking for a comfortable yet stylish way to show your love for horses, a pair of equestrian sandals is an awesome option.

Equestrian sandals are a type of shoe developed from hoof boots made to protect the equestrian’s feet. They are durable and comfortable enough to wear all day long and have many practical uses. The best part? They come in a variety of designs and types that you would never know they were meant for horses.

GPA First Lady 2X HelmetBest OverallGPA First Lady 2X Helmet
SSG Lycrochet Horseshoe Back GloveBudget PickSSG Lycrochet Horseshoe Back Glove
Roeckl Chester GlovesUpgrade PickRoeckl Chester Gloves

1. GPA First Lady 2X Helmet

Our rating: 9 / 10

GPA First Lady 2X Helmet

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  • Fits like a glove
  • The comfort band helps keep the helmet fixed on your head during sudden stops
  • Has breathable ear and neck protectors
  • Easily removable padding for ventilation
  • Provides the protection your head needs
  • Affordable

2. Roeckl Chester Gloves

Our rating: 9 / 10

Roeckl Chester Gloves

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  • They wick away sweat
  • Great color
  • Lined in Portuguese Palm
  • Good for use during winter
  • Great accessory for horse riding
  • Wear under or over gloves
  • Features professional riders logo
  • Smooth fit
  • Protects palms of hands
  • Enhance gripping power

Roeckl Chester Gloves have a double layer palm and stand out as they are one of the greatest horse riding glove available in the market. They are perfect for showing and that why they are always worn by the professional riders.

The gloves are ideal to wear over another pair of winter riding gloves without compromising comfort or your ability to work with your horse.

They keep your hands warm but they also readily wick sweat away. Because they are made of leather, they allow for better gripping than other gloves. They are also very comfortable to wear while riding or showing horses.

3. SSG Lycrochet Horseshoe Back Glove

Our rating: 8 / 10

SSG Lycrochet Horseshoe Back Glove

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  • Pretty decent price tag
  • Good quality
  • Secure fit
  • Comfortable
  • Padded
  • Good quality fasteners


  • Some people might not like the design
  • Battery requires charging
  • Heat setting is calibrated manually

One great thing about these gloves is how effective they are at repelling water and holding heat, which makes them a great choice during the cold winter months. In addition, they are also pretty comfortable with a polyester lining and a Lycra backstrap to provide better wrist support and keep them snug all day.

ES glove use a 3V battery powered thermostat, which is pretty reliable and allows you to set the heat for any outdoor condition in under a minute.

Overall, these are a solid pair of gloves that might not feel as premium as some other pairs on the market. However, considering the price, you get the level of quality that other gloves have to offer at a fraction of the price.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What do you wear horseback riding in the summer?

Wear synthetic fabrics! They’re much more breathable and thus more comfortable in hot weather. Also, cotton is way too hot. Synthetic might not look as good but it’s much better for summer horseback riding.

What is best to wear for horseback riding?

Good riding boots like the Ariat Women’s Heritage Western Riding Boot or the SmartPak Women’s Palouse Boot are a must. But there are also other things a good riding jacket and chaps can do to ensure your comfort and safety.

Since you’ll be seated for long stretches of time, you’ll want a jacket that stays put while giving you the flexibility to easily move your arms and shoulders. Jackets with cotton or breathable mesh lining are best. Shorter jackets will also keep you cooler on hot days.

What should you not wear when riding a horse?

You should always wear flat-soled boots. Anything with a heel could harm the horse or the rider. Riding boots are specially designed to prevent any accidents. If the boots have a toe, make sure it is closed to avoid the horse stepping on it.

What kind of pants should I wear for horseback riding?

I’d opt for soft pants that have stretch to them, nothing too tight or too bulky. You don’t want to wear jeans for example, because you want a little bit of room to move around. Deerskin or some sort of soft leather is great.

As far as jackets go, I personally just go for a nice wool or cotton blend, NOT leather. Light and breathable but still has a windproof element. You know, you don’t want to catch a cold while you’re riding when you’re dressed in just a t-shirt.

Personally, I’m not a big fan of riding boots, it’s like wearing tennis shoes while playing tennis. I prefer just good old running shoes. No special riding shoes needed.


We’re sure that you’re a compassionate rider with a thorough understanding of horse health and well-being. However, when it’s 90 degrees out, most of your riding time is likely not going to be at the slower, cooler pace you’d ideally prefer.

That’s why we put together a list of the best riding clothes for summer. Keeping yourself cool and protected from sunburn is much easier with the right gear, so to save yourself a lot of hassle and sweat, choose the items that work best for you. The right clothes mean a more comfortable ride for you and your horse.

Our Recommendation

GPA First Lady 2X HelmetBest OverallGPA First Lady 2X Helmet
SSG Lycrochet Horseshoe Back GloveBudget PickSSG Lycrochet Horseshoe Back Glove
Roeckl Chester GlovesUpgrade PickRoeckl Chester Gloves